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Advocacy Yorkshire Privacy Policy Statement

Here at Advocacy Yorkshire we take the privacy and security of people's personal information seriously and are committed to respecting and protecting it.


First and foremost we collect people's personal information so that we can provide a quality service. We may also use it to share general information about our work, but this would be thoroughly anonymised and generalised and so wouldn't ever identify anyone. We only collect the information we need and won't use it for any other purposes.  We secure it safely and only keep it for as long as we need it to carry out our work.


Advocacy Yorkshire is fully committed to complying with our legal duty to protect any information we collect about clients.


Like on most other websites we use “cookies” to make sure that you get the best experience possible on our website. Cookies enable a website to remember you. They are small files that transfer to your computer or other device which make your interactions with a website quicker and easier, e.g. by automatically filling in your details in forms or personalising the presentation of our website for you.


Please see our referral forms for more information about what data we collect when people are referred to our services.  In the course of providing people with an advocacy service, we will also collect further information relevant to their case.


We will only use the information provided to:


1. Facilitate our advocacy work with people

2. Record any information our funders (usually local authorities) require us to, and

   also a record of our relationship with them.

3. Keep a check on the quality of our service.

4. We may also share clients' info with other organisations if they are delivering

   services that those clients need, or are already working with those clients. This

   would only be done with the consent of clients, unless the client lack the capacity

   to make that decision.  In the latter case it would only be done when assessed as

   being in their best interests.


We will not:


1. Publish any information that could identify anyone without their consent.

2. Use anyone's info for any purpose, other than in relation to their referral, unless

   specific consent is given.

3. Share people's info with any third parties other than in cases already mentioned  



We may make unsolicited phone calls to potential referrers to ask their consent to send them informstion about our services. We wil then contact them further via the methods, and with the information they have consented to. Any further communication may include requests for up-to-date contact details if these have been changed, and will always include a simple way of opting out from future contact.



How we protect people's infomation


We keep people's information safe on a secure, password protected database, accessed through encrypted laptops. Any notes made on paper in the course of our work are anonymised as far as possible, kept safely in a locked container and transferred to our database as soon as possible, usually within 3 working days. People's information is only accessible by appropriately trained and DBS-checked staff, volunteers and contractors.


During the course of our work, as per our confidentiality policy, we would have to share certain information with local authority safe-guarding teams, if we come across any indicators that vulnerable people are being abused by 3rd parties, or are at risk of serious harm from themselves  We may also need to disclose people's details to law enforcement agancies if required, but this would be a rare occurence. In particular we would  be legally obliged to inform the police of any information that could help prevent an act of terrorism, and any information the police request in relation to road traffic offences.  We would also request the emergency services on a person's behalf if we believe they are at immediate risk of serious harm or death.


Your rights


If you believe that our privacy policy is infringing upon anyone's rights, or you wish to object to any aspect of our processing of your information, please do contact us about it.


You can also access information about your rights and make a complaint to the data protection supervisory authority, through this link:


Access to personal information: Any person has the right to request access to a copy of personal information that we hold about them, and info on what personal information we use and why; also who we share it with, how long we keep it. Please contact us with any requests about this. We woud then need you to confirm your request in writing and would also require evidence of your identity.




Any consent given to us regarding people's personal info can be withdrawn at any time.


By providing us with your or anyone else's personal information , you are confirming your consent to the collection and use of this information as described in this policy. If it is a third party's information you are providing us with then we expect that you have their consent to do so or have the right authority to act on their behalf and have assessed it as being in their best interests if they themselves lack the capacity to make this decision.


We can be asked to delete a person's personal information where it is no longer needed by us, or consent has been withdrawn, or where ther is no lawful basis for us keeping it.


Please note that some of these rights only apply in certain circumstances and we may be unable to fulfil every request.


Changes to this policy

We may change this privacy policy from time to time and it will always be under review to make sure it is compliant with current legislation.


If we make any significant changes to the way, we process your personal information we we may contact people directly about it, as well as updating this policy accordingly.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.