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Independent Care Act Advocacy (ICAA)

Since the Care Act 2014 local authorities are now obligated by law to involve people in decisions made about them and their care and support.  local authorities are required to help people express their wishes and feelings, support them in weighing up their options, and assist them in making their own decisions.


If that individual is undergoing an assessment or review of their care and support needs, or care and support planning and they are deemed to have ‘substantial difficulty’ in communicating, weighing up, understanding or retaining info, then an Independent Care Act Advocate must be appointed to enable the person's full involvement, if they don’t have an 'appropriate person' (this could be a friend or relative but not paid worker) who they want to support them through the process and/or who’s willing and able to do so.


Individuals who have substantial difficulty and are subject to safeguarding procedures are also eligible for Care Act Advocacy even if they do have an appropriate person, although care act advocacy isn’t available for people who are solely perpetrators (such people could still have an IMCA if they lack capacity.)


Care Act Advocates can also be involved when the local authority is thinking about placing the person for 4+ weeks in an NHS funded hospital or 8+ weeks in a care home.


Advocacy Yorkshire can provide an ICAA service for eligible people who are living or placed anywhere within Yorkshire & The Humber.  


Spot purchase ICAA referrals can be made by professional employees of any local authority or clinical commissioning group and must be accompanied by a completed spot purchase authorisation form.  Please use the forms below.  Completed forms can be sent to us at using your preferred secure email system or in password protected files.

Spot Purchase Authorisation Form ICAA Referral Form