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What is Independent Advocacy?


Here at Advocacy Yorkshire our high quality independent advocacy services support some of the most vulnerable people across Yorkshire & The Humber to gain more control over their lives.


Independent Advocacy is about getting people’s voices heard: supporting people to speak up for themselves about their issues, or speaking up for them if they are unable to. It’s about making sure professionals listen to people and that those people are informed about their rights and armed with pertinent information and resources with which to uphold those rights.


Advocates are independent in that they aren’t connected with any other agencies such as the police, the social services and so on. They are working for the client rather than for those services.  They may however be commissioned by those services but they shouldn’t be influenced or controlled by them.  The commissioning body should understand this and not interfere with the content of their work.  


Advocates don’t have any vested interest in what clients do, unlike friends, families and other companies, government departments and organisations involved in their care. Advocates don’t judge or tell clients what to do, but they can explore options with people and inform them about the possible consequences of their choices.


In the case of people who don't have the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves or cannot clearly communicate their wishes then Advocates can work non-instructed. In this case they would attempt to ascertain as far as possible the client’s preferences, wants and needs with whatever communication methods are available, and by consultation with professionals, friends and family.  The Advocate would then ensure that the person's rights were being upheld and their wants and needs are taken into account when Best Interest decisions are being made.


Here at Advocacy Yorkshire, all our Advocates are committed to the Key Principles of Independent Advocacy: Clarity of Purpose, Independence, Person-led, Empowerment, Equality & Diversity, Accessibility, Accountability, Confidentiality, Safe-guarding & Supporting Advocates.